Blogs, glorious blogs!

Blogs are ace. They’re informative, educational, and free! They’re an invaluable source of info for both novices and experienced producers alike - we never stop learning after all. I’ve picked up so many tips, tricks and software recommendations from blogs over the years; I’d be lost without them!

Truth is though, anyone can write a blog (case in point right here…). So which are the best? Below I’ve gathered a few of my ‘go to’ blogs that I read regularly and subscribe to. Stick the kettle on, grab a coffee, whatever…. And check these out for some inspiration.


Ryan Drean (

Ryan’s website is a one stop shop full of audio demoes, articles, discussion, and of course the infamous ‘Producer’s Podcast’ series – where he interviews the best and brightest imaging producers from all over the globe (now up to 97 episodes). It is an absolute MUST listen for all producers, and the blog is a must read. He’s also extremely approachable, so reach out and introduce yourself!


Benztown Branding (

This blog is great and was a go-to when I was starting out, and still is today. Andreas Sannemann (CEO Benztown) gives tips, tricks, techniques, new software, videos, interviews with producers – it’s got it all. Regularly updated (at least once a week if not more) so there’s always fresh material. They also run the ‘Iron Imager’ competition each year too.


Earshot Creative (

News, articles, video, and the creative podcast - Earshot covers S&P and promotions across the board, not just imaging, and celebrate creative work of radio brands. Run by Jonathan Jacob (Global) and Steve Martin (BBC).


Wizz FX (

Articles, tutorials, free audio and a free pro tools template – Wizz is a goldmine of useful info and resource. Run by Chris Nicoll (ex-Capital Head of Prod, now IMGR), they also offer a critique service – send in your audio and receive constructive feedback. Invaluable for new and experienced producers alike.


Reelworld (

Reelworld’s blog is useful for inspiration. It links to their recent work, both jingles and imaging, and has the occasional discussion article (for example, how stations were prepared or not for the death of Prince & Bowie). It’s not updated that regularly, but worth keeping an eye on.


Radio & Production Magazine (

Rapmag have been around since the days of reel-to-reel, which was waaaay before my time! Great for hearing work from other producers the world over via the ‘RAP Soundstage’ (used to be the CD), and also for the infamous annual RAP Awards. There are articles, a facebook group community and ‘producers market’ for producers to showcase their wares.


Pro Tools Expert (

A superb resource for all things audio. Pro tools tips, plugin reviews/guides, plus articles on mixing and uses of technology in audio production – this site is a goldmine of useful information.


These are just a starting point. There are so many blogs, tutorials, videos and other resources out there nowadays via the internet, you can find pretty much anything you need or are interested in. And remember, don’t ignore music production tutorials – all those skills are not just transferrable, but critical to the modern radio imaging skillset and sound.

I hope this has been useful, as usual comments are most welcome so get in touch!