LMM FX: Retrograde

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Retrograde Artwork.png

LMM FX: Retrograde

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'Retrograde’ is an audio imaging FX arsenal for retro, throwback and classic audio production. It gives audio producers all the tools they need to create great sounding audio imaging around the 80s, 90s and 2000s for radio, TV, multimedia, and podcasts right out of the box.

Over 150 imaging FX including:

30 Breakers / 25 Impacts / 20 Stagers / 20 Combos / 20 Wipes / 20 Risers / 20 Sucks / 10 Drones

If you’re creating audio aound the 80s, 90s and 2000s, you need an FX package geared towards it.

You need Retrograde.

NOTE: Also available on PRS usage agreement for UK networks. Email adam@littlemonstermedia.co.uk for details.

I have Retrograde and it delivers stellar quality, sizable quantity and big value. It definitely has a “retro” or throwback feel which should fill some holes in your arsenal but a lot of it would sound great on most contemporary formats too.
— Ryan Drean | TM Studios, TX, USA
If you do imaging for an 80’s station, Retrograde is a must have library. Clean, high quality effects with a distinct 80’s sound - and - no useless BS tracks.
— Aleksander Lilleøien - Imaging Director | P5, Norway