LMM FX: Bubblefuzz

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Bubblefuzz Main Cover (Rework).png

LMM FX: Bubblefuzz



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'Bubblefuzz' - an imaging FX package developed specifically for modern AC & Hot AC imaging formats. 

200 imaging FX elements including all the usual suspects; beats, breakers, combos, drones, hits, light hits, risers, sucks, whooshes and wipes.

No noise. No trash. A crystal clear shot of FX pleasure without the dirty, shameful hangover. Just a bit of fuzz....

NOTE: Also available on PRS usage agreement for UK networks. Email adam@littlemonstermedia.co.uk for details.

So glad I found this magnificent service. Bubblefuzz has made a huge impact on the sound design for 98.1 CHFI in Toronto. The transitions are seamless. An Optimal AC Package!
— Anthony Conte - National Imaging Producer | Rogers Media, Canada
After hearing the demo we had to pick it up. Bubblefuzz is not only user friendly, but it’s listener friendly too. The FX integrate nicely with the flow and style of today’s AC radio imaging. We’re glad to have Bubblefuzz in the production arsenal.
— Dave Marsh | Splat! Radio Imaging


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