Who We Are

Adam Venton Little Monster Media

Little Monster Media are an audio production company specialising in audio imaging FX and sound design for radio, podcasts, video, social media, online and all manner of audio production.

Imaging Background

The roots of Little Monster Media can be traced back to early 2014, where founder and creative director Adam Venton was working as Senior Imaging Producer at UKRD Group in the UK, as well as being on the launch team of IMGR - the now highly successful imaging production service run by Wise Buddah.

Little Monster Media Is Born

Little Monster Media logo

Having worked alongside some incredible producers and sound designers, Adam caught the bug and started to experiment making his own sound design and FX elements, using them in his UKRD and freelance productions to beta test. The culmination of these first batches of FX was the AC & Hot AC package ‘Bubblefuzz’. Adam shared an initial draft of ‘Bubblefuzz’ with several production colleagues to gather some feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and ultimately led to the birth of Little Monster Media - with ‘Bubblefuzz’ as it’s first release in October 2016.

‘Festivefuzz’ arrived almost straight after, going live in mid-November 2016 just in time for the Christmas rush. Both packages featured heavily on Magic and BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio 2 in the UK, as well as countless stations across Europe.

From Sideline To Full-Time

BBC Radio 1 logo

It would be almost two years until the next LMM release, as Adam continued to focus on his imaging career. After working with IMGR and previously Benztown alongside his role at UKRD, Adam made the move to become an imaging producer for The Mix Group in the US in February 2017. Whilst working with The Mix Group, Adam continued to build the LMM catalogue as a sideline, releasing their most successful pack to date - ‘Impactipus’ - in August 2018. This saw LMM break new ground in both the US with WPLJ, and in Canada with usage across CHFI, Kiss 92.5 and all the Rogers Media Rock branded stations.

Over the course of the next 12 months, Adam also worked with NRK, BBC Radio 1, Kiss and Hits Radio as a freelancer - which eventually led to him parting with The Mix Group in August 2019 to focus on his freelance production via AV Audio Production, and LMM full-time. This was preceded by the release of LMM’s most recent FX package, ‘Retrograde’ in July 2019.