LMM FX: Impactipus

Impactipus Artwork.png
Impactipus Artwork.png

LMM FX: Impactipus

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'Impactipus’ is our latest radio imaging FX creation - suitable for all radio and multimedia formats consisting of a vast collection of impacts, hits, slams and subs to give your productions punch, power, or just a little subtle punctuation. 

Over 125 imaging FX elements split across four folders, enabling easy navigation to the type of sound you need, quickly;

Light - for subtle punctuation and layering,

Heavy - for power, impact and big sounding opens.

Complex - hits with more dirt and character to spice up any segue or transition,

Tuned - sub drops each with 12 mixouts A-G#, for massive hits in the key of your chosen music bed.

Impactipus will become your instant go-to product whenever you need a hit or impact of any kind.

NOTE: Also available on PRS usage agreement for UK networks. Email adam@littlemonstermedia.co.uk for details.